Supporting Lifeshare at Christmas

At our Christmas Festival Service next Sunday (20 Dec) we will sing some carols, watch the children’s nativity and take up an offering of goods for Lifeshare.

Lifeshare is an excellent, non-religious, voluntary organisation established to help meet the needs of the homeless and disadvantaged in Manchester and Salford. They provide a first point of contact with people on the streets, offering practical assistance, support and information. From this point they offer continued assistance to enable people to secure suitable accommodation, to be supported to maintain their tenancies, and helped to access initiatives to carry their lives forward.

Lifeshare runs a special programme over Christmas. When homeless and disadvantaged people need comfort and support more than any other time, everything closes. In response, the Lifeshare Christmas Project offers a refuge from the exaggerated isolation. It provides food and shelter, social activities, a medical centre, welfare and housing advice, entertainment and a festive air.

Our offering on Sunday can include donations of money if you like but we are really asking for goods such as tinned food, blankets, pans, cutlery and toiletries. If you want to give a small present specifically for the Christmas project, e.g. hat, scarf, gloves or something else, you might like to wrap one but there needs to be some indication on it if it’s gender specific. If you can join us on Sunday, please remember Manchester’s homeless and the work of Lifeshare, and participate in our offering of goods.

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