Continuing Celebrations

Our Grand Opening Celebrations began on Saturday and will continue for slightly more than a week. We enjoyed a great day on Saturday. Perhaps as many as three hundred people joined with us at some part of the day.

We began with an open house in the morning, serving tea and coffee. Our structured events began with the ribbon-cutting at 2.30pm. Joan Coupe, our longest serving active church member who at 94 continues to be as engaged in the life of the church community as ever, did the honours. Send me you pictures and I’ll post one here.

I led the service of dedication so it is not really my place to say it was good but it certainly seemed well-received. There were numerous highlights for me. The  children’s music group performed and led us in ‘Sing with joy to the God of all creation’; the children were great! For me, every aspect of the service was meaningful and I was delighted by the support we received from friends from all walks of life. Thanks to all of you who came along. We were honoured by your presence and it would not have been the same without you! The day was brought to a close with a  music concert. After a busy day, it was a great joy (for me) to sit back, relax and enjoy an excellent event.

I am grateful to God for our new building. I am impressed by all the changes and additions but what matters most is that an accessible, functional building is now available to us. I hope it will be a place where God is encountered. I hope it will become a vibrant centre for worship, ministry and mission.

We are open all this week in the mornings if you’d like to drop by for coffee. On Wednesday, Pat Took will be with us. I’ll say more about that in my next post.

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