Christian Aid Evening at DBC tonight

Join us tonight to get inspired and ready for Christian Aid Week 2015 (10-15 May)


Live Below the Line

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My wife, Dawn, and I are living below the line for Christian Aid this week. We are joining thousands of others in UK, USA, Canada and Australia who are choosing to live on £1 per day (food and drink) for the next five days. We hope to identify with the millions who live on £1 a day or less every day because they have no choice. We hope to draw attention to the scandal of poverty and to raise some money, in our case, for the work of Christian Aid. Dawn and I will donate what we would have spent on food while others sponsor us. You can join other caring people by sponsoring us online. For Dawn, go to For me, it’s

Christian Aid Week 2012

This is Christian Aid Week (13-19 May)! Didsbury Baptist Church, along with other local churches, will participate in the door-to-door collection for our area. We will also take up a special offering in church. If you cannot give in these ways but would like to make a contribution, you can donate on-line at the Christian Aid Week website here.

Christian Aid Presentation at DBC

Earlier today I met with Anne Hillier and Dave Hardman to make plans for the presentation that will be given here on Friday. Come and discover what Christian Aid is doing around the world; it will be a great night.

Once and For All at DBC

On Friday 20 April at 7.30 pm the Christian Aid Presentation Once and for All will be given at Didsbury Baptist Church. This exciting multi media event shows what the world looks like through the eyes of the poorest people, and what each of us can do to help those in poverty out of poverty. Using powerful personal stories, stunning images and beautiful, original songs Once and for All reveals how our prayers, actions and donations are bringing hope and healing to those crippled by poverty all over the world. Packed with encouragement and audience participation the show will equip us all to put our faith into action and to work to eradicate extreme poverty once and for all. Join us on Friday and be inspired to act!

Bearing Witness in Manchester

Today, on the eve of the Conservative party conference, Christian Aid, Cafod and Tearfund will lead an inspiring day of campaigning and worship in Manchester on the issues of climate change and global poverty. Though registration to attend the event is now closed, you can follow the day’s events on the Christian Aid web site at or take part on Twitter by following/tweeting #BearingWitness.

East Africa Appeal

If you click on the image below you will be directed to Christian Aid’s web site where you can donate to their Appeal for the crisis in the horn of Africa. Thank you!

Easter Happenings

As we continue to celebrate the Season of Easter at Didsbury Baptist Church, we are anticipating a number of key events and happenings in our life together:

Three of our members will be attending the Baptist Assembly this weekend. This will be held in Blackpool and it begins today. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

After that we will be preparing, as a congregation, for the start of building work that we believe will greatly improve our capacity for ministry and mission in our community. We are about to make final decisions on appointing a builder, closing and clearing our sanctuary, and relocating our Sunday services while the work is carried out. More here when final decisions are made!

There will be a final concert in our sanctuary (as it is currently configured) on Saturday 7 May at 7.30 p.m. The twenty five piece band Swingin Affair will perform. Tickets are £6 and £4 concessions and proceeds will be divided between Francis House Children’s Hospice and our building project.

Christian Aid Week will also take place during the Easter Season (15-21 May) and we, along with Christians of all denominations,  are preparing for it now. Churches working Together in Didsbury will hold a special service to launch Christian Aid Week in our area. This will be held at East Didsbury Methodist Church on Sunday 15 May at 6.30 p.m.

Drop Haiti’s Debt

Since my last post, the big news has been the terrible earthquake that has devastated Haiti. The members of Didsbury Baptist Church, like those of most churches and faith communities, have responded by supporting the work of agencies such as Christian Aid. In addition to its emergency appeal, Christian Aid is now calling for the full cancellation of Haiti’s debt of $890m, and for all emergency and development funds to be given not loaned. You can find more information and sign the petition here.

Hezekiah and Copenhagen

The Bible readings for today are: Psalm 75; Isaiah 39; Matthew 17.14–21.

For all that was good about King Hezekiah of Judah he turns out, in Isaiah 39, to be a selfish show-off. The prediction of future calamity seemed good to him because he knew he would be well-dead by then. Disgusted as we might be by such an approach, especially in national leaders, it is not a long way from what we see today in relation to global warming. Most of us in the northern hemisphere think of it as a problem for the future. It is, in fact, a very present problem for the poorest people in our world (see what Christian Aid has to say about it). Yet even if we don’t look beyond our own front door, surely for the sake of our children and grandchildren we must act today.

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