Live Below the Line

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My wife, Dawn, and I are living below the line for Christian Aid this week. We are joining thousands of others in UK, USA, Canada and Australia who are choosing to live on £1 per day (food and drink) for the next five days. We hope to identify with the millions who live on £1 a day or less every day because they have no choice. We hope to draw attention to the scandal of poverty and to raise some money, in our case, for the work of Christian Aid. Dawn and I will donate what we would have spent on food while others sponsor us. You can join other caring people by sponsoring us online. For Dawn, go to For me, it’s

Drop Haiti’s Debt

Since my last post, the big news has been the terrible earthquake that has devastated Haiti. The members of Didsbury Baptist Church, like those of most churches and faith communities, have responded by supporting the work of agencies such as Christian Aid. In addition to its emergency appeal, Christian Aid is now calling for the full cancellation of Haiti’s debt of $890m, and for all emergency and development funds to be given not loaned. You can find more information and sign the petition here.

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