Mark’s Holy Week

We are reading the Gospel of Mark together at DBC this year. It tells a strange and wonderful story of the life of Jesus and devotes a full 6 of its 16 chapters to the final week of Jesus’ life. It presents the events of the passion of Jesus as occurring over specific days of the week. This, of course, provides a useful plan of readings for Holy Week. I know, if you start now you have a bit of catching up to do (and today’s reading is the really long one). Still, you might be interested in reading with us through the rest of the week so here are the readings: Sunday: Mark 11.1-11; Monday: Mark 11.12-19; Tuesday: Mark 11.20 – 13.37; Wednesday: Mark 14.1-11; Thursday: Mark 14.12-72; Friday: Mark 15.1-47; Sunday: Mark 16.1-8a. If you click on the reference you will be able to read the passage online. Some of the passages are quite long but you get Saturday off (and the final chapter is tiny) so why not give it a try?

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