An Advent question

The Bible readings for today are Numbers 24.2-7, 15-17; Psalm 25.3-8; Matthew 21.23-27.

In Matthew 21.23-27, Jesus cleverly evades his interrogators’ question but the Evangelist’s purpose goes beyond presenting Jesus as a shrewd conversation partner. Jesus cuts to the heart of the problem with his opponents. They ask Jesus a question but only so they can catch him out. Seeming to be open-minded they are actually as closed as can be.  Jesus asks them a question that they cannot answer without revealing their rejection of John and of Jesus. Advent asks a similar question of us. For all our inquisitiveness, are we really open to what God is doing in Jesus Christ?

If you are interested in a few more ramblings of mine, I wrote today’s Advent reflection over at Hopefulimagination. Click on the link to check it out.

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