many from east and west

Today’s Bible readings are Isaiah 4.2–6; Psalm 122; Matt 8.5-11.

Yesterday’s reading from Isaiah 2.1-5 saw the nations streaming to Jerusalem to worship God. Matthew sees this occurring in the ministry of Jesus. For now, in Matthew, it is only a hint but the centurion displays a level of faith unseen among the traditional people of God. Jesus points to the centurion as one among the many who will come from east and west to eat with Israel’s ancestors in the kingdom of God. I don’t know about you, but I am not entirely confident in the strength of my own faith. I am confident, however, in the generosity of God made known in Jesus. And if God can be generous toward me, there is hope for anybody! When I read these verses, I marvel at the faith of the centurion but, much more, I rejoice in the generosity of God. I feel challenged too to be generous in all my dealings with others.

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