Reading the Bible

Every year at this time people ask me about schedules and notes for daily Bible reading through the year. There are many excellent devotional notes and Bible-reading plans available but I make use of three resources on an ongoing basis and I recommend them to you.

Those who are familiar with the content of the Bible and are more interested in reading it than what others have to say about it may require no more than a Bible-reading schedule. These are helpful because they divide the Bible into manageable sections and, if others are using the same plan, the readings can provide a basis for discussion. Again, there are many excellent plans but I recommend the one provided by IBRA. You can download it from the IBRA website.

IBRA also provides daily Bible-reading notes. I use Words for Today and often see Light for our Path. Both are excellent. Words for Today is perhaps the more scholarly of the two publications and draws from a more diverse range of perspectives. Both are based on the IBRA Bible-reading plan and cover the entire year. Topics for 2010 include: Resting Places and Sacred Spaces; The Jesus Way; Silence; Moods and Emotions; Old Age; Women of the New Testament; Treasures of Darkness; Readings in Luke, Genesis, Romans 1-8, Micah. Both publications are available from IBRA here.

Finally, I have found it useful over the last few years to keep up with the Synagogue in its weekly Torah portions (that can be further divided into daily readings). This gets me through the first five books of the Bible (the Pentateuch or Torah) every year. Those of us who follow this pattern have just completed Genesis and are reading Exodus 1.1 – 6.1 this week. You can find the Torah reading schedule here. For further explanation see here.

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