Christmas slide-show

A few photos have come in of this year’s Christmas services at Didsbury Baptist Church. I have put some of them together in the slide-show below. Many thanks to Anna and Steve for the photos.

5 Responses

  1. Wow! Very jealous….what a beautiful church. I love the projections! Merry Christmas

  2. hey, this slide show blew me away, wild horses couldn’t drag me from watching this! simply beautiful. See you soon,


  3. Hi Matt
    Thank you. Though the church building looks brilliant on these slides, that is mainly because of the lighting. The building actually needs a lot of work, which we hope to complete this year. Happy New Year to you!

    Hi SuBo
    Congratulations on the album; keep up the good work!

  4. Enjoyed looking through these photos (whilst I should be revising…)
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas at DBC. I am back in Manchester but probably won’t be back with you til February due to exams and reading weeks…thought I’d post here just to show I’m still alive!

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