Christmas all-age festival service

If you are not already worshiping elsewhere and you are near Didsbury tomorrow (Sunday), why not come and join us for our Christmas all-age festival service? We will light Advent candles, watch a children’s nativity play, sing some carols, take up an offering of goods for Lifeshare, listen to readings from the Bible and pray together. Come as you are and worship with us – all are welcome. The service begins at 10.30 a.m. and should last for about an hour. There will be tea and coffee afterwards.

The hearts of parents to their children

Today’s readings are: Psalm 146; Zephaniah 3.14–20; Luke 1.5–25.

Luke sets the scene for the coming of Jesus with the announcement of John the Baptist’s birth. John will come to prepare the way for Jesus and will act in the spirit of Elijah to ‘turn the hearts of parents to their children’ (Luke 1.17 cf. Malachi 4.6).

At Christmas, the hearts of parents are turned toward their children more than at any other time of year. In many households, children become the centre of attention and are showered with gifts. Yet I cannot help something more might be required. John the Baptist calls us to a continuing conversion whereby we might increasingly live so as to make a difference for the next generation.

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