Hezekiah and Copenhagen

The Bible readings for today are: Psalm 75; Isaiah 39; Matthew 17.14–21.

For all that was good about King Hezekiah of Judah he turns out, in Isaiah 39, to be a selfish show-off. The prediction of future calamity seemed good to him because he knew he would be well-dead by then. Disgusted as we might be by such an approach, especially in national leaders, it is not a long way from what we see today in relation to global warming. Most of us in the northern hemisphere think of it as a problem for the future. It is, in fact, a very present problem for the poorest people in our world (see what Christian Aid has to say about it). Yet even if we don’t look beyond our own front door, surely for the sake of our children and grandchildren we must act today.

One Response

  1. You have no idea how important creation care is to God; the crisis of this realization plays a major role “the universal deception” spoke of for our age.


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