Midsummer Mix – the SK6 Crawl

People travel from miles around to come to Didsbury Baptist Church! Some of our congregation live in the Marple and Romiley areas of Cheshire, which is ten miles from Didsbury – but nicely situated close to the facilities of the City and on the border of the countryside.

A few weeks ago, on a late August Wednesday, three families in this area played host to a group of sixteen DBC regulars in the ‘Midsummer Mix’ series (see elsewhere on this blog for reports on other activities). The group assembled at church and (with suitably eco-friendly car-sharing) drove to Fay’s home, to sample her famous home-made soup. Some of our newer friends were a bit puzzled as to why Fay’s home-made soup should be described as ‘famous’ – but a few spoonfuls settled that question! There was a mouth-watering selection of four different varieties and all were pronounced delicious. Most came back for second – or even third – helpings. There was no time for over-indulgence, though, and soon we were being chased to get back into the cars for the short trip to Judy’s house.

Judy’s kitchen table was groaning with a generous selection of savouries: quiches, pizzas, salads, chicken drumsticks etc and, despite the enthusiastic efforts of many, there was still plenty left at the end – not quite twelve baskets, perhaps. Incidentally, you may have noticed that many DBC events involve food, somewhere along the way. Anyway, no time to dally because we were soon being hassled back into the cars for the few minutes’ drive to …

… Ann & Malcolm’s – where puddings were provided. This included apple and blackcurrant crumble, bonhoffie pie (is that the right spelling? I’m not sure because by the time I got to it, it had all gone!), ice cream and fruit salad. Since this was the last stop, people were able to enjoy chatting (and eating) in the garden as the evening sun sank below the horizon. For those who stayed inside, there was a brief slide-show of the church walk up Pendle Hill – and of Ann & Malcolm’s new granddaughter!

By this time, it was 10 pm and time to return, in convoy, to Didsbury. From comments afterwards, it seems that people enjoyed the evening and the rather novel idea of eating successive courses in the homes of people who don’t live in Didsbury. There was even a suggestion that we might do the whole thing again next year – in Sale!”

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