Bullfrog Brown, 30 Aug

BullfrogBrownPicture040Sunday, 30 August history was made in Didsbury Baptist Church – those who had an opportunity to put in an appearance from 7.30 pm onwards were pleasantly surprised to find an up and coming alternative Blues band from Estonia – Bullfrog Brown – give their third concert in Manchester.  As the gig was a very last minute arrangement and it was on the Bank Holiday Sunday, my most pessimistic prognosis was that we could get 8 people in the audience. This, however, did not put the Frogs off and they were more than happy to sing for our family only for an hour and half. We did, in fact have more than 8 people and the Frogs were very pleased to find such an appreciating and knowledgeable audience. The band gave a breathtaking live performance.

As I later learned, useful contacts were made  and if all goes well, Manchester can welcome Bullfrog Brown again next April. Sadly, no-one seemed to take any photos of the evening, so the one that is here is from an earlier concert this year, on the up side, you can see the faces of all three on that pic.  🙂

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  1. Saw these guys and promised to help them organise a gig next year maybe at this venue! Thought they were really talented and original. They sent me their latest album all the way from Estonia near the Finnish border..wow!

  2. I took a picture – it’s not great but it shows the lads in full flow. They told me afterwards that they really liked the acoustics at DBC, especially because it made the applause seem louder! They said they may ask if they could come and records their next CD here (but I don’t think they were being serious).

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