Revelation (3)

For me, the best, new, accessible and comprehensive treatment of the Book of Revelation is Simon Woodman’s The Book of Revelation in the SCM Core Text series (SCM, 2008, 259 pages).

woodmanrev02Written to bridge the gap between the scholarly and the populist, this book is written with the second and third year university student in mind. I think it is more accessible than that but it is a serious book that rewards careful reading. It is perfect for ministers and local church leaders preparing sermons or studies on Revelation. It is written by a Baptist whose blog can be found at

Favorite aspects of this book for me are  its thumbnail sketches of all the major ‘characters’ of revelation and its excellent use of tables. Its treatment of ‘the beast’ and 666 (slightly marred by a couple of unfortunate typos) is worth the price of the book alone.  It also takes seriously the objections leveled against the book of Revelation and interacts with them helpfully and sensitively. I will be buying a copy of this for the church library and recommending it to anyone who wants to begin a serious study of the book of Revelation.

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