Summertime at DBC

Having enjoyed a holiday in Jersey in early July, I returned to plenty of things to do and little enthusiasm for blogging. As a result I have not written anything for this site in over a month now. Today I return to posting something every other day.

Summertime at DBC brings a more relaxed schedule. People are away on holiday and the attendance at Sunday services is less predictable. Still, it provides opportunities for socialising so the church organises a varied programme of activities and events we refer to as the mid-summer mix. The schedule is well advanced now. We have enjoyed walking, going out for meals, hosting and attending barbecues and the like.

At the verDSCF0859y beginning of the summer a group of thirty or so from the church had a weekend camping in Brassey Green near Tarporley, Cheshire. This has been an annual event for quite a few years now. My wife and I joined them for a night and a day. We don’t usually do camping (as anyone who saw our borrowed tent full of duvets and hot water bottles would have quickly summised) but we enjoyed it that weekend. I said I would post a few photos so here are a couple to start with. Better late than never, I hope.


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