Getting ready for Didsbury Festival

The 30th annual Didsbury Festival is to take place this Saturday (6 June) and I have been busy preparing some church publicity for use on our stands. Didsbury Baptist Church will be running a Bouncy Castle (proceeds will benefit our building project) and a plant stall to benefit Christian Aid. The churches of Didsbury will run a Fair Trade Cafe and members and friends of our church will be helping to sell refurbished tools at the Tools for Self Reliance stand. Two of the event organisers are members of Didsbury Baptist Church so we all take an interest in the event. It is usually extremely well supported and is one of the highlights of the Didsbury year.

Publicising one’s church at the festival (or any other event) presents its own problems. Many of the churches of Didsbury will be involved in the festival and I don’t want our publicity to be seen as competitive. I think in future years the churches ought to share in some united publicity. Still, it is no bad thing that people using the bouncy castle know who organised it; and the people we would like to attract to the church are not those already worshiping elsewhere but those who are not part of a church at all. Those of us who have come to believe in God and are learning to follow Jesus together in community are discovering a life worth promoting. We want  others to make the same discovery. I hope the postcards and posters I am putting together convey this sense, without being too cheesy.

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